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About Gabbie

I am a Dance and Circus Artist, Teacher and Movement Director based in the UK. My early training was in Artistic Gymnastics and I competed at an elite level for roughly 10 years. I went on to train at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and graduated in 2014.

During the last 6 years I have been working with companies that combine dance, circus and physical theatre, and i’m always very inspired by the addition of theatre within dance and circus performances.

My personal research is in combining dance and acrobatics, as two forms that compliment each other but can also be a source of great contrast. I’m interested in the movement that happens before and after an acrobatic trick and how focussing on this can develop a character or story. At the same time, I like to use acrobatics to create illusions and heighten suspense and potential for escapism.

Early on in my career, I was a part of projects that involved Chinese pole and I became really excited about this discipline. I took a few classes and began to teach myself. After a year of training, I was being offered projects to perform solo Chinese pole and integrate it with movement and acrobatics. This was a challenge for me but it also gave me an opportunity to apply my skills on a vertical plane, as opposed to always being ground based.

In 2018, I formed Dance and Circus company Sneaky&Raptor, with Nat Whittingham. We were commissioned by the Glastonbury Arts Commission, Bristol Circus City and supported by Arts Council England to create a full-length ensemble show.

Alongside my work as a performer and director, I have successfully toured professional level Acro Dance workshops throughout the UK and Europe, under the name Moving Through Acrobatics, and I lecture in movement and acrobatics at Circomedia - one of the UK's leading circus schools.

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